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Do You Know Your Heart?

Although the heart pumps five liters of blood per minute, it takes only 10 percent of this blood for itself and continues its vital functions.

If we make a simple calculation to evaluate the workload of the heart, we can better understand the magnitude of the work done by the heart. Our heart, which pumps 5 liters of blood per minute, pumps 300 liters of blood per hour and 7200 liters of blood per day. In other words, a normally functioning heart pumps 7.2 tons of blood per day to the body. The heart cannot always renew itself. However, even in cases where the heart, which has to do the workloads mentioned above, narrows its own coronary vessels, no complaints may occur at rest. However, with the slightest physical exercise, the heart with a diseased coronary artery cannot adapt to the increased workload and chest pain occurs.

This pain, which was previously only in physical activity, begins to occur even at rest as the narrowing of the coronary artery increases. The next stage is a heart attack.

What is a Heart Attack?

The heart is a ball of muscle. If you cut off the blood supply of this muscle lump, it cannot only do its job at first, so fatigue and chest pain occur in the patient. If the blockage in the coronary artery goes to an advanced stage, it becomes impossible for a part of this muscle ball to survive and the muscle mass dies. This is called a heart attack. A heart attack is an extremely important and life-threatening condition. Most deaths from heart attacks occur in the first hours and outside the hospital. 60 percent of patients who die from a heart attack die before they are brought to the hospital.

Unfortunately, since there is no serious first aid knowledge in our country, the relatives of the patients cannot help the patient during this period and they lose their patients in front of their eyes. In this respect, it is necessary for our people to know the complaints before a heart attack and to apply to cardiologists without wasting any time. As we mentioned above, patients with complaints such as chest pain, shortness of breath, palpitation, occasional chills and fainting are waiting at the door. Therefore, these patients should consult their physicians before a heart attack knocks on the door.

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