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Dermatology is the medical department dealing with skin diseases and their treatments. It is also called skin science. Regardless of the cause of hair loss, if a person complains about such a condition, he should consult a Dermatologist without any panic. Dermatologist makes the diagnosis easily and offers a suitable solution to the patient. It should be noted that sometimes the solution can be very simple.

The most common dermatological disorders, also known as Skin Diseases, are Psoriasis, Acne, Behçet's disease discovered by Hulusi Behçet, allergy and HPV which is a common sexual disorder. In addition, many dermatological disorders can be encountered in our daily lives. For this, first of all, one should have some knowledge about such diseases and a specialist should be consulted immediately when the symptoms of any disease are suspected. It should be remembered that one of the most beneficial factors in the treatment of a disease is early diagnosis.

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