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Sağlık Bakanlığı Tarafından Yapılan Sağlıkta Kalite Değerlendirmesinde Son 6 Yıldır Mersin'de En Yüksek Puanı Almanın Grurunu Yaşıyoruz.


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Contracted Institutions

As Mersin Private Yenişehir Hospital, our list of contracted institutions is as follows. Please click to review the contracted institutions.

KVKK Illumination Text

Sağlık verileriniz başta olmak üzere özel nitelikli kişisel verileriniz de dahil olmak üzere aşağıda sayılan kişisel verileriniz, Yenişehir Hastanesi tarafından...

Health Quality Standards (Hqs)

Deputy Chief Physician for Quality, Quality Management Director, Quality Management Unit Employees, Committees, Department Quality Officers, Examples of Good Pr...

Our Basic Principles And Values

Respect for Human, Esteemed, Honest and Trusted, Effective Service, Continuity and Accessibility, Aiming for excellence, Equity, Openness to Change and Developm...

Corporate Goal

To try to provide technological infrastructure and practices in accordance with contemporary norms and standards, to educate healthy and ill people served, to i...

Corporate Purpose

To make the hospital an institutional structure best known in the region with its principles, operation philosophy and service concept, having a voice in the de...

Vision & Mission

Our mission: We are a transparent and honest health institution informing the patients, interested with them, having different service approach, meeting the nee...

Our Founder

Our Founder Surgeon Asım ÖRENER: Obstetrician and Gynecologist Asım ÖRENER was born on April 5, 1953 in Mersin Silifke District.

About Us

Mersin Private Yenişehir Hospital which was designed and built as an hospital from the foundation and which is the only hospital with this feature in Mersin was...

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