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Health is physical and spiritual well-being. Mental health means that the person is at peace with himself and in harmony with the social environment. Small concerns arising from the problems that one encounters in daily life do not mean that he or she is ill.

Mental illnesses:

  • Psychoses: These are the cases where the truth is corrupt.
  • Neuroses: It is a group of illnesses related to symptoms such as anxiety, fears and punctiliousness.
  • Mood disorders: It represents a group that has variations emotionally. The person is completely healthy in the periods other than periodic illness terms sometimes with depressions or expansiveness.
  • Personality disorders: There are many subgroups. Substance dependencies can also be considered as a subgroup in this section.
  • Child and adolescent psychiatry: Children's mental problems, concerns parental relationships and school relationships, attention deficit, hyperactivity disorder are in this group. Additionally, it represents a period in which adolescents struggles with the stimulations coming from the society and in which he/she is trying to adapt to many of the newly developing situations that he/she faced.

I would like to emphasize that not every person applying to a psychiatrist can be considered mentally ill. When symptoms arise, psychotherapy can be used to correct symptoms and to improve the coping mechanisms of the person and drug treatment can be arranged if necessary.

Afterword: Applying to physicians dealing with these problems during the difficulties of our daily life will help the person to recover mental health. Sincerely

Attending Physician Seyyan GÜNGÖR

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